Prospective Dealer / PSC Shop / Key Fleet

Recruiting qualified service technicians can be a challenge. Participation in GM ASEP allows for GM dealers and ACDelco PSC Shops to hand-pick future technicians. Dealers and PSC shops train students in their service department processes as students alternate between work and school.

GM Dealers, ACDelco PSC Shops, and select Key Fleets have the opportunity to sponsor a student through the program allowing the following benefits:

A GM trained, customer focused service force comprised of students who are pursuing or have received their Associate Degree.

The opportunity to "grow their own" service technician, trained to their standards, at their dealership.

An opportunity to partner with local colleges and universities for consultation on service technician recruitment and retention.

A source for enthusiastic students and service technicians who are eager to learn.

Students and GM Dealers receive credit for a majority of the GM STC curriculum upon successful graduation. ACDelco PSC and Key Fleet sponsored students will also receive credit for ACDelco courses upon successful graduation.
Home grow technicians to the needs and expectations of your dealership.
Create a positive career image for dealer service technicians.
Reach qualified candidates earlier.
Lower the costs of recruitment, screening, and training over time.
Foster long-term employee retention.

Steps to participate.

Contact a local, participating college. If you are a GM Dealer or ACDelco PSC Shop, the college will direct students your way for you to consider sponsoring. If you are an ACDelco Key Fleet and wish to participate, you should send your request directly to, providing contact information as well as the scope of work performed at the sponsoring site.
Interview and select a student.
Provide coordinated work experience in accordance with the program schedule for the program duration.
Pay the students an hourly wage during the duration of the program. (Pay should reflect a studentís progress in the program.).
Participate in quarterly or bi-annual advisory committee meetings.
Support the GM ASEP program by participating in the appropriate quarterly or bi-annual advisory committee meetings.

The Dealership Commitment.

Pay for uniforms and pay student hourly wage during internship.
Sponsor the student for the two-year program.
Provide an in-dealership coordinator.